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FrontRow Juno

Fantastic digital stereo sound from the installation-free FrontRow Juno® tower — great for both voice and media amplification. The three-speaker 2.1-line array (two mid-range HF drivers and one woofer) provides full, rich stereo sound, with volume level easily controllable via voice command. For voice amplification, Juno lets you use up to five microphones simultaneously through the optional Channel Expansion Module.

Juno's intelligent digital platform connects you to exciting tools like automated lesson capture, voice-command control of displays, and easy intercom. 


FrontRow ToGo​

Completely portable, FrontRow ToGo incorporates a DuO™ precision-mounted speaker array for amazingly even coverage of classrooms, cafeteria, meeting spaces — even outdoor events. The precision-mounted two-speaker line array reinforces and spreads more sound energy throughout the listening zone, making it able to cover an entire classroom.

The powerful, portable, durable voice amplification system with amazing sound quality. ToGo is perfect for P.E. class, the school bus line, the gymnasium, the playground, or anywhere else you need quick and easy voice or media amplification. 


FrontRow Lyrik​

Portable, powerful, and versatile audio, the Lyrik is a small yet mighty and portable wireless sound system for instruction and audio media to be heard anywhere: in a classroom, outside on a sports field, or even online!

It doesn’t matter where instruction happens. We make sure everyone can hear clearly, so they can learn effectively. Installation-free and completely portable with a rechargeable battery that lasts hours. Great for pass-around at conferences, outdoor events and lectures.


FrontRow Pro Digital​

Our most popular FrontRow Pro Digital package, the PD-IR features FrontRow's exclusive great-sounding (and labor-saving) stereo infrared speakers. Each IR speaker unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an infrared sensor, and single cable — saving up to half the installation time. Teachers need only turn on the microphone to start teaching. The receiver automatically wakes up from its energy-saving sleep mode and goes to sleep when the mic is turned off.

 Pro Digital fills any classroom with sound, to ensure that the listener hears every nuance no matter where they are in the classroom, making it perfect for classrooms that need a simple audio solution.


FrontRow LessonCam

With LessonCam, teachers are free to stand in front of a display or whiteboard, pan to another part of the room, or zoom in for closeup demonstrations.

Remote & Hybrid Learning
Take instruction beyond the physical classroom. Our solutions are expandable for distance learning, remote learning, hybrid learning, or lesson capturing that engages learners. Simplify your connections between your FrontRow system and your laptop with our Video Conference Cable Kit (Class2Home Cable Kit).


FrontRow ezRoom​

FrontRow ezRoom is a one-point control panel for multiple classroom A/V systems. It simply and cleanly integrates all your classrooms' technologies - projectors, interactive whiteboards, PCs, etc - behind one intuitive, easy-to-access screen. With all the wires necessary for those systems hidden or attractively mounted, the ezRoom is barely noticeable, effortless networking that makes the classroom cleaner and the teacher's life simpler.

Simplify classroom technology management and enhance communications within a class, across a school, and beyond with ezRoom Classroom AV solution by FrontRow. 


FrontRow Conductor​

FrontRow Conductor is a robust IP-based paging, bell, intercom, and control platform (also known as MNS or Mass Notification System) that works seamlessly with FrontRow ezRoom and Juno Connect. Through an easy software interface in the front office, administrators can set up and talk to any zone in the school, create and change bell schedules, and build cascading actions to automate routine tasks or emergency response — all with a few mouse clicks.

Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands or preparing for disruptions -- from late start days to true emergencies -- Conductor empowers you to communicate clearly and to keep the situation under control. 

Campus & Emergency Communications
FrontRow offers a single platform that simultaneously improves learning outcomes while providing solutions for a safer, more informed campus.